Dear Website Visitor,

With the closing of Pear Tree Point School in June 2018, we have had many former students and parents stop by to relive memories, savor our location and reconnect with the many teachers and staff who are still at school after years of service. Sometimes they come in groups and it is a pleasure to see the camaraderie and to experience their enthusiasm and appreciation.

Many of the students are older now, some young adults, and it has been a joy to hear about their successes in their secondary schools, colleges, personal lives and families as well as their emerging careers. We are grateful to have had so many talented young people to educate and so many supportive and involved parents working in partnership with our teachers and staff to make the most of the early and formative years of learning.
We are also appreciative of our talented faculty who developed a cohesive and detailed curriculum following the outline of the Core Knowledge program, embraced the nurturing culture of the school and helped children learn about the Core Virtues. This is also a faculty that skillfully found ways to know and personalize the education for their students.

Adding to the Pear Tree Point School experience has been a cohesive and vibrant office and support staff, many of whom have been at the school for the majority of its years. Several have been Pear Tree Point School parents, too.

With the vision, support and guidance of our founders, history was made on a former farm and school site linking Long Neck Point and Pear Tree Point Roads. Pear Tree Point School’s legacy lives on in all who were a part of the school. We wish our students, families, teachers and staff long and fulfilling lives with Pear Tree Point School as an important stepping stone along the way. 

With appreciation,

David Trigaux