Pear Tree Point School is located among the residential lanes of Long Neck Point in Darien.  Long Neck Point is bordered by Long Island Sound and the Goodwives River estuary. The Fairfield County setting within the greater New York region is rich in natural beauty.

The Classrooms

Classrooms are modern and well appointed with large windows and skylights allowing natural light to fill each room.  All instructional spaces at Pear Tree Point School are air conditioned, so learning is comfortable even when the weather is hot and humid. The air quality is also enhanced, reducing allergens and controlling moisture. Classrooms have cubbies for student belongings. Pre-K and K students use tables, while students in Grades 1-5 have their own desks. 

Technology in the Classrooms

The use of technology enhances the learning experience in all classrooms at PTPS. SMART Boards are installed in each classroom which enable teachers and students access to a wealth of interactive opportunities. All grades use iPod touch and iPad tablet devices for teacher-directed educational applications in math and reading and to film the student-produced weekly video news show. Lower grades have a bank of desktop computers that are used to provide high speed Internet access for teachers to use for instruction, and for students to use when accessing our educational software programs. In the upper grades (4 and 5/6), each student has an assigned laptop or notebook computer for use at school.

Head Teachers and Teacher Assistants

A head teacher and an assistant teacher lead each class creating a superior staffing ratio for learning. For reading and mathematics students mix at each grade level to receive small group instruction.

Tutors and Enrichment Teachers

When students need additional instructional support, classroom instruction is augmented by tutors and enrichment teachers. In some cases, these services take place in grade level classrooms and in other cases we use tutoring rooms or additional classroom space.

Lunch and Social Coaching

Our students eat lunch in their classrooms with their head teachers.  Teachers help develop social and conversational skills during the lunch periods. 
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